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Electronic Water Conservation Products

The Willoughby WMS II Electronic Water Management System takes plumbing fixture water control from inmates and puts it back in the hands of prison officials while saving time, water, and money.

Willoughby designed the system to:

reduce water usage through fixed scheduling, dynamic usage, or cycle timing control
reduce sewer bills by reducing water usage
control overall water usage, including the ability to lockout toilets, sinks, and showers from a central PC and detect/prevent toilet overflows
provide valuable fixture usage data that can be imported into Excel for further analysis
enable system troubleshooting from the service chase with no need to enter the cell to actuate the fixture be simple to administrate with an optional graphical floor plan including fixture control icons
include over-current protection on all outputs, virtually eliminating potential damage from installation errors allow one cell valve controller to control several different devices (two standard combination units or four toilets with overflow detection or six toilets without overflow detection or six shower valves, with mixing of fixtures types also possible)
be simple to install, using common connectors and color-coded wiring
be less costly to install, use and maintain

The net result can be a reduction in water and sewer usage of up to 50%.

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