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Rear Flush Toilet | Off Wall Mounted Toilet | ETF-1490-OW

The Willoughby ETF-1490- OW Floor Outlet, Off Wall Mounted, Siphon Jet Series Toilet is a single-user fixture for use in security environments without a mechanical chase.


*WaterSense Certified for 1.28 GPF HET fixtures.

CautionSymbol WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Product Description

Introducing the ETF-1490-OW Off Wall Mounted Toilet

Designed for easy access in security environments without a mechanical chase, ETF-1490-FM is a floor outlet, off wall mounted, siphon jet series single-use rear flush toilet. When you’re looking for a security toilet, you’re looking for durability and toughness. The ETF-140-OW model showcases both of these with its simple design. The 14 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel construction resists permanent vandalism; like all of our security toilets, it’s designed to take just about anything you can throw at it and still function as intended.

This rear flush toilet is anchored through the floor mounting flanges (anchoring hardware by others). It also features an elongated bowl built into the solid stainless steel body of the toilet, making it impossible to tamper with or otherwise damage in any lasting way.

Of course, the toilet itself is just one part of the total bathroom environment. You can augment this rear flush toilet with a variety of optional features (valves, controls, plumbing) that allow it to integrate into your existing outside plumbing. All connections between the outside plumbing and the fixture are made at the bottom and and top.

Willoughy cares about making as many of it’s security toilets as possible compliant with all existing handicap guidelines, and the ETF-1490-OW is no exception. This toilet model meets all applicable ADA, CBC, UFAS, and ANSI accessibility guidelines when ordered with the “HC” (18” Seat Height, Handicap‐ADA Compliant) option.

If you’d like more detailed information, our full product spec sheet is located in the Technical Documents tab for easy access.

Quick Specs

  • Floor outlet
  • Off wall mounted
  • Siphon jet
  • Single-use fixture
  • Durable stainless steel toilet
  • ADA, CBC, UFAS, and ANSI Compliant

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